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Building Bridges

Hello and welcome to my eFolio page!  My name is Emily Harris and I am a student at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana.  On this website, I have put together an online portfolio of what I have learned from my work and experiences throughout my time at Holy Cross.

I believe that as a teacher it is my job to build bridges.  In order to teach my students, I need to build a positive relationship with them.  Once I build that bridge, I am able to build from the platform where the students are as they come in my classroom to the next platform and prepare them for a brighter future.  As I help my students cross the divide , I also need to build my own bridges to connect with my students and build relationships.

Building these bridges is what teaching is all about, and it is my goal to help every student that comes through my classroom build their bridges to success.

"Education is all about building bridges." -Ralph Ellison


Emily Harris

Certified in K-6 Elementary Education and English as a New Language

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